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Personal Powered Transport

Public consultation opened until the 1/11/2019. I have submitted mine in support of PPTs because they are low-carbon mobility tranport solutions.

Questions/answers to July Local area committee meeting

Bluebell Q43 Councillor Sophie Nicoullaud To ask the Area Manager when the new Bluebell allotments will receive enough top soil for the garden to serve its purpose, so gardeners can

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New Free and Open Scheme for Dublin City

There is exciting new initiative run by the Smart City Unit of Dublin City Council, called the WiFi4EU scheme. Under this scheme, Dublin City Council plans to implement new WiFi

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Proud to be Green!

I am proud to be Green. Print this and put it in your window. Vote Green on Friday!

Bus Connect and trees

May 12th 2019 BusConnect plans must save more trees: Greens The Green Party has backed concerns from residents regarding the loss of mature trees as part of the Bus Connects

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Dog poo

Green Party Councillors Claire Byrne and Patrick Costello pushing for drastic changes to stop dog dirt problem in cities:

Weed killer kills biodiversity

I will push for Dublin City Council to stop using weed killer to protect the city biodiversity. Weeds will be back in our green areas in the city. It takes

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No bench for Chapelizod Hill Road bus stop

The NTA is not responding positively or constructively to the request for a bench that would facilitate or make moving by bus easier for people with low mobility. Please see

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Green spaces for biodiversity and growing food in cities

Cut and pace from article below: “Community-Led Parks “I think we need to invest more thought and time and community into asking what could be done,” says Sophie Nicollaud,

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Public meeting & food workshop on healthy food

2nd of May Green Kitchen and Garden Center 7:30pm free More info to come but you can already register ( but not necessary)with the link below