Mangerton Road footpath

Mangerton Road footpath

I was canvassing Sunday the 7th of April on Mangerton Road in Drimnagh, Many complaints about deplorable state of footpath.

I sent an email this morning to Road Department in DCC to request repair on footpath.

Please see below letter I sent this morning.

On behalf of all residents on Mangerton Road ( from Mourne Road) in Drimnagh D12, I am requesting that the entire footpath is fully redone. This year an 90 years old man fell there because of the very poor state of the footpath. Everyone at the doors were complaining about it. A elderly woman told me she can’t walk on the footpath: the footpath in front of her house is tilted to so one will lose balance and fall.
When is the work planned to start as surely this issue I am not the first one to point it out?
Best regards,
Sophie Nicoullaud  Green Party rep Ballyfermot-Drimnagh  +353 85 70 47 290

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