New Free and Open Scheme for Dublin City

New Free and Open Scheme for Dublin City

There is exciting new initiative run by the Smart City Unit of Dublin City Council, called the WiFi4EU scheme.

Under this scheme, Dublin City Council plans to implement new WiFi networks and upgrade existing WiFi networks, in public spaces, community hubs and venues in the City Council area. 

Funding for this scheme comes in the form of vouchers from the EU and from the Department of Rural and Community Development. It will assist eligible organisations, such as voluntary groups, civic societies, and sporting bodies.

It is vitally important that these types of organisations are made aware of this scheme so that those that are eligible can consider applying.

The main points to note:

  1. It will enable Internet access for demographic groups that otherwise face difficulty accessing the Internet and will support digital inclusion.
  2. It will support digital training programmes, which could help bridge the digital divide and maximise the usage of this facility
  3. It aims to support the economic development of villages in Dublin City Council by creating more connected and responsive public spaces.
  4. It will be free of charge, free of advertising and free from commercial re-use of data.

More information about how to apply for this scheme, including details about the closing date (on June 8, 2019)  for the application, can be found here

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