Illegal dumping in general and Bluebell in this instance

Illegal dumping in general and Bluebell in this instance

This is the question answer from October 2019 about illegal dumping on public land and illegal dumping inside Bluebell cemetery.

CRES To ask the Chief Executive to organise a program to make sure all public places (such as graveyard, schools, parks, libraries, sports clubs etc…) are kept clear of illegal dumping. That in particular a program be put in place to secure Bluebell graveyard is kept free of illegal dumping at all time. I am well aware that illegal dumping is happening everywhere and that the council is constantly chasing it but we need to have priorities.
The Role of Public Domain is to provide a point of contact/escalation for all public realm issues including illegal dumping. Members of the Public can report illegal dumping through the Dublin City Council Self Service Portal on the website or email to Waste Management respond to all illegal dumping issues on public roads and footpaths. All green /recreational public spaces are usually the remit of Parks.

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