Parks in general and California Hills in this instance

Parks in general and California Hills in this instance

California Hills is designated a Community Grade II park.

Please see extract from Dublin City Parks Strategy 2017 – 2022

“Community Parks:

The majority of parks within the administrative area are Community Grade1 (approx. 279 hectares) or Grade 2 (approx. 438 hectares) parks.The Community Parks are defined into two grades as follows:Community Grade 1 Serve local communities, have a good range of amenities and have a high standard of design or horticultural presentation. Community Grade 2 Serve local communities and have a range of amenities or are primarily used for active recreation.

Purpose and Function of Community Parks:

• Serves local communities and acts as a focal point

• Provides natural environment connections, specialised functions and features

• Can connect to other City Parks through natural features and trails

• Provides active and passive recreation


• Can range in size and shape

• Can contain natural heritage or cultural features

• Have a good range of amenities

• High standard design or horticultural presentation

• Within walking distance of communities

• Adequate provision of parking

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