E&T To ask the Chief Executive to set up and engage in a positive communication campaign about weeds left growing in the city where before dangerous weed-killers were used to remove the weeds. This would make for better acceptance from the residents of weed growing. People are confused and don’t understand why DCC leaves weed growing and think it looks dirty. Mind-sets needs to be changed to go against using dangerous weed-killers and this is the role of DCC to communicate in an effective way the negative impact caused by such weed-killers and the positive impact of not using such weed-killers.

Dublin City Council Environment & Transportation Department has ceased this year the use of chemical weed killers and are presently reviewing alternative methods for the control of weeds on public roads in accordance with the Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan 2015-2020. The overarching aim of the Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan 2015-2020 is the conservation of biodiversity within the City, and it contains four Themes, which reflect the Strategic Objectives of Ireland’s National Biodiversity Plan (Actions for Biodiversity 2011-2016).
The Council will examine the implementation of a communications strategy in relation to roadside weeds for 2020 season.

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