Artist’s studio

Artist’s studio

CRES To ask the Chief Executive how DCC will keep the city as a destination for top talents when cultural elements of the city are pushed out by high costs?

The City Arts Office has for some time been engaging with Elected Members and the Arts Community on the shortage of affordable Artists Workspaces in Dublin. This deficit is seen as a key element in the difficult conditions faced by Artists (normally of low income) working in the City. Properties are under consideration by the Development Department for acquisition as Artist Workspaces and are the subject of feasibility studies. Funding has also been received from the Urban Rural Development Fund to study two sites in Dublin that are thought suitable for this use.
Groups of Artists have also engaged with the Housing Department in partnership with Registered Housing Bodies to explore cooperative housing for Artists.
Finally the Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht have sought Dublin City Council engagement in supporting the night time economy in Dublin as a means of further supporting the cultural community. Dublin City Council is aware of the deficit in venues from the discussions of the Strategic Policy Committee.
Dublin City Council remains committed to supporting Artists working in Dublin through Grant in Aid of the Arts Office and Events Unit

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