Trees in Walkinstown

Trees in Walkinstown

 18th of February 2020

I would like to inform you that Parks have appointed a contractor to carry out removal of 14 dangerous trees in Walkinstown Park this week. The work is due to start later today. These actions are being taken on the back of a tree inspection carried out by the DCC Tree Officer who found serious cavities, decay and decline. Sections of the park will be cordoned off during the works. We anticipate the works will be completed in 4-5 days, depending on weather conditions.”

6th of April 2020

Me to Parks:

Many residents are calling me regarding tree cutting and scrubs being removed from parks , Walkinstown and others, in various parks in the constituency since the 1st of March.

  • Could you tell me how many trees were cuts?
  • What is the reasons they were cut?
  • Are you expecting a disease affecting the trees being cut Where exactly?
  • What seems the general reason trees are being cut? Is there a plan to have more cut? If so what is the plan?
  • Is this means that the freshly cut trees are on top of the 14 trees that have been cut since Feb?
  • Why do scrubs need to be removed?
  • Will other trees will be planted in the constituency to replace this loss?
  • How many trees have we lost in the constituency since the 1st of January?
  • Some residents think trees are being cut because of plans to roll out the 5G. Could you explain more on that point?

Reply from Parks:

The tree works in walkinstown park were carried out following a tree survey carried out by the DCC tree officer which identified diseased, decaying and defective trees. From memory(i cant access the report while working from home) there was at least one group of trees-poplars at the rear of the park, included in the removals.

Access to these trees entailed removing scrub to carry out the work.

The contractor was finished before march 1st but was to return to complete the shredding of material after this date…this is ongoing but is obviously postponed due to coronavirus.

The tree removal has nothing to do with 5g.

The tree removal was carried out on health and safety grounds only.

If there are particular other examples of tree removal during nesting season perhaps you could let me know ,

We have planted a tree trail in walkinstown this season, plaques and map should be installed/produced shortly after coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Also, there are no further tree works envisaged with the exception of emergency storm responses/ future diseased or defective tree removals.

My reply to Parks:

Can you confirm if there have¬† been or not been any other trees cut down since the 1st of March in the constituency: Walkinstown, Chapelizod, Bluebell , Drimnagh etc…

Is there a list documenting work on every tree that took, place, is taking place or will take place within the quarter or the year?

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