More on trees

More on trees

More information received from Parks on tree cutting

One other thing to mention with Walkinstown is that we also carried out tree removal work by direct labour (smaller trees) but all removals related to the tree inspection report. The tree inspection carried out to date focused on parts of the park with most footfall…a further inspection will be carried out of quieter areas of park which could also result in tree loss if there are diseased trees etc identified.

We endeavour to have all tree works carried out before nesting but there are situations where a tree is identified which is dangerous and requires removal on h&s grounds…one that comes to mind is a tree on mangerton roundabout which had a bad fork…this tree was removed since march 1st. The tree was checked for nests before removal. 

While we try to avoid removing trees during nesting sometimes it is unavoidable. Where this happens in a park or open space npws are informed if works are to happen during nesting as it is a more sensitive environment.

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