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Q.165 COUNCILLOR SOPHIE NICOULLAUD CRES To ask the Chief Executive to put in CCTV to secure Bluebell Graveyard. Families expressed the wish to maintain the gate open 24h/day and now

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Free flower bulbs

DCC and Ballyfermot local office have a remaining of 50 bulbs to give away to community group or schools etc.. Give me a shout and I will bring them to

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Q.166 COUNCILLOR SOPHIE NICOULLAUD E&T To ask the Chief Executive to set up and engage in a positive communication campaign about weeds left growing in the city where before dangerous

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Parks in general and California Hills in this instance

California Hills is designated a Community Grade II park. Please see extract from Dublin City Parks Strategy 2017 – 2022 “Community Parks: The majority of parks within the administrative area

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DCC’s email and website to report illegal dumping & much more

Members of the Public can report illegal dumping through the Dublin City Council Self Service Portal on the website or email to

Illegal dumping in general and Bluebell in this instance

This is the question answer from October 2019 about illegal dumping on public land and illegal dumping inside Bluebell cemetery. Q.164 COUNCILLOR SOPHIE NICOULLAUD CRES To ask the Chief Executive

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Personal Powered Transport

Public consultation opened until the 1/11/2019. I have submitted mine in support of PPTs because they are low-carbon mobility tranport solutions.

Questions/answers to July Local area committee meeting

Bluebell Q43 Councillor Sophie Nicoullaud To ask the Area Manager when the new Bluebell allotments will receive enough top soil for the garden to serve its purpose, so gardeners can

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New Free and Open Scheme for Dublin City

There is exciting new initiative run by the Smart City Unit of Dublin City Council, called the WiFi4EU scheme. Under this scheme, Dublin City Council plans to implement new WiFi

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Proud to be Green!

I am proud to be Green. Print this and put it in your window. Vote Green on Friday!