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Chapelizod Village Transport Assessment Report

Email me for more details: Phone number: 085 704 7290 Chapelizod-Village-TA-Report-v2-11-03-2022Download

More on trees

More information received from Parks on tree cutting One other thing to mention with Walkinstown is that we also carried out tree removal work by direct labour (smaller trees) but

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Trees in Walkinstown

 18th of February 2020 “I would like to inform you that Parks have appointed a contractor to carry out removal of 14 dangerous trees in Walkinstown Park this week. The

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My day in the City Council, By Liam Quilmore, Transitional year,Drimnagh Castle

The idea of a Council meeting left me with a lot of questions. What was it going to be like? Would it be boring? Would it seem prepared, or would

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Western Luas Extention…not for another very very long while!

For your information, this is the motion from Cllr Vincent Jackson and agreed by us all. “As the West of the City have very poor public transportation services like the

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Parks in the South Central Area

Dublin City Parks Strategy 2019-2022, p.48 “To upgrade specific Community Grade 2 parks to Grade 1 parks in management areas with a higher proportion of Grade 2 parks, as follows:

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Free transport for Dublin?

COUNCILLOR SOPHIE NICOULLAUD E&T To ask the Chief Executive if DCC are working on offering free public transports in Dublin and if so what has been done so far to

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Dublin European Green Capital 2022?

in 2019 , now Dublin is not be in a position to apply for the European Green Capital 2022. Will we be in a better position next year to apply

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Artist’s studio

Q.38 COUNCILLOR SOPHIE NICOULLAUD CRES To ask the Chief Executive how DCC will keep the city as a destination for top talents when cultural elements of the city are pushed

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Scooter sharing provider

We need more public transport and more “soft modes” of transport in Dublin and any other city and town. Soft modes of transports include scooters, E scooters etc… So where

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