We need more public transport and more “soft modes” of transport in Dublin and any other city and town.

Soft modes of transports include scooters, E scooters etc…

So where are we at in Dublin. See question/answer on scooter-sharing providers.

Question to the Chief Executive Council Meeting 2nd September 2019
E&T To ask the Chief Executive if DCC has ever been approached by scooter-sharing providers to offer their services within Dublin City and if so when and what were the outcomes and what were the names of the providers.

The Environment and Transportation Department has had contacts from TIER (e-mail dated 4/4/19) regarding a trial of Electric scooters in the East Point Business Park – private land), and hoping to do the same in Dublin City. PONY made contact via the Lord Mayor (e-mail dated 28/11/18). A potential operator who wished not to supply a company name made contact via e-mail dated 26/4/18.

The Environment and Transportation Department’s position outlined below was conveyed to all 3.

The situation regarding the legality of the use of electric scooters on public roads is currently being examined by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) under instruction from the Minister for Tourism, Transport and Sport. The Council is however of the view that a large number of electric scooters available to purchase in Dublin exceed 250W power output and are therefore classed as mechanically propelled vehicles requiring a licence, insurance and tax etc. and their use in the public domain whether on footpaths or the road is illegal. The Council also has concerns regarding the safety of electric scooters both from the user’s point of view and other motorists and pedestrians. Enforcement is a matter for An Garda Siochana. Your query should more properly be addressed to the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport.

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